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An overly prominent mons pubis, the fatty area just over the pubic bone, can lead to physical discomfort and self-consciousness, especially when wearing slim-fitting clothing such as yoga pants. Mons pubis surgery can help slim down a fatty mons pubis (sometimes referred to by the slang term “FUPA”) for a smoother, more discreet appearance.

Dr. Otto Placik is a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in mons pubis surgery as well as a full range of additional female genital rejuvenation procedures. Dr. Placik has helped thousands of women like you from Chicago and the surrounding suburbs to achieve your cosmetic goals while helping you feel confident and comfortable from your very first appointment.

Please contact us online or call our Chicago or Arlington Heights plastic surgery offices for more information on mons pubis surgery, including prices.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Chicago

Dr. Otto Joseph Placik Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Placik is a board certified plastic surgeon in Chicago and an active member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He received his medical degree from Northwestern University where he also completed residencies in general and plastic and reconstructive surgery.


About Mons Pubis Surgery

The mons pubis can become more pronounced due to weight gain or following pregnancy-related changes in the body, although some women may simply be genetically predisposed to a more visible mons pubis. Women commonly report that the mons area appears especially fuller and more pronounced following a C-section or tummy tuck procedure. This may be aggravated by weight gain. In some instances, the mons may even sag, obscuring the vaginal area. The evident “camel toe” that results from a larger mons can feel embarrassing and awkward, particularly at the gym or the beach.

Mons pubis surgery helps reduce the mons, often though the use of liposuction alone. A full monsplasty takes this correction one step further by including the surgical removal of excess skin and tissue in addition to eliminating fatty deposits via lipo. Often, mons pubis surgery is performed in combination with labiaplasty.

Besides the development of excess fat, the skin and supportive structure of the mons may take on a lax, saggy look, often as part of the natural aging process. A mons lift, or pubic lift with reduction and suspension, can restore a tighter, more youthful appearance to the mons. A mons lift can be performed as a separate surgery, or combined with other body contouring procedures such as a tummy tuck.

Mons Pubis Surgery
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Typically, mons pubis surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, so you can plan to head home the same day as your appointment. The choice of local or general anesthesia will depend on whether additional surgeries are performed at the same time as well as Dr. Placik’s recommendation. Most patients notice only minimal soreness and swelling following surgery, and can return to work and their normal daily routine in less than a week.

Mons Pubis Surgery FAQ

Am I a candidate?

If you’ve always felt self-conscious about the size or shape of your pubic mound, you’re unhappy with changes in your mons following pregnancy or a fluctuation in weight, or your mons seems more noticeable after getting other body contouring procedures, you may be a candidate for mons pubis surgery. It’s important to realize that mons pubis surgery will only improve the cosmetic appearance of your pubic area, and will not have any impact on sexual function. If one of your goals is to enhance sensation, Dr. Placik may recommend clitoral hood reduction or G-spot enhancement in addition to mons pubis surgery.

Will liposuction be enough to reduce my mons pubis?

At your initial consultation, Dr. Placik will give you a full examination before sitting down to discuss your options. Usually, liposuction is sufficient to contour the mons in those women who have good skin tone and elasticity. In those patients with skin laxity or visible sagging through the mons, Dr. Placik may recommend a monsplasty or mons lift for better results.

How much does mons pubis surgery cost?

Since there are a few different approaches Dr. Placik can take during your surgery, the costs will vary from patient to patient. The total will depend on several factors, like whether a full monsplasty or simply liposuction will be performed, and includes not only Dr. Placik’s surgical fee but also the cost of the surgical facility and payment for the anesthesiologist. Dr. Placik and his staff strive to provide excellent value and can help you with cosmetic surgery financing to make your procedure even more affordable.

What can I expect during surgery and recovery?

Mons pubis surgery is not difficult in the technical sense, so the surgery should only take about an hour unless performed in combination with additional procedures. After your surgery, you can expect to feel a little sore and will notice some swelling and bruising at first, but most patients can return back to work within the first week. You should have a good idea of how your final results will look in about 4 to 6 weeks.

What are the risks?

The risks associated with mons pubis surgery are very minimal, and are similar to the side effects that are associated with liposuction in general, like bleeding, swelling and bruising. More serious issues such as skin laxity and contour irregularities are possible, but rare.

Dr. Placik promises you his best possible care and attention. If you would like to schedule a private consultation to learn more about mons pubis surgery, please contact us online or call us at 847-398-1660.


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