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The Gräfenberg spot, more commonly known as the G-spot, is an internal erogenous zone located on the front vaginal wall. There is some controversy about its existence. When stimulated, the G-spot can lead to more intense sexual arousal and stronger orgasms, yet can be difficult for women and their partners to locate and stimulate properly. The G-spot augmentation procedure is a simple injection that enlarges the G-spot for improved sensation without surgery.

Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik is a leading provider of G-spot enhancement for women in the Chicago area. A genital rejuvenation specialist, Dr. Placik has helped thousands of women to feel positive about their bodies and enjoy a more vibrant sex life.

Please contact us online or call our Chicago or Arlington Heights plastic surgery offices for more information on G-spot enhancement, including prices.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Chicago

Dr. Otto Joseph Placik Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Placik is a board certified plastic surgeon in Chicago and an active member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He received his medical degree from Northwestern University where he also completed residencies in general and plastic and reconstructive surgery.


About G-Spot Enhancement

The G-spot is located beneath the surface of the anterior vaginal wall, typically about halfway between the cervix and the pubic bone. Because of its location, this erogenous zone can only be stimulated indirectly through the vaginal wall. This normally occurs during intercourse to some extent, but G-spot augmentation can help those women who desire more sensation, or who want to experience more intense vaginal orgasms.

G-spot augmentation delivers a shot of filler directly to the G-spot, enlarging the erogenous area to about the size of a quarter in diameter and augmenting the thickness as well. In a pilot study, 87 percent of women reported enhanced sexual arousal and gratification following the injection.

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G-Spot Enhancement
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During your appointment, Dr. Placik will position you in stirrups, similar to getting a Pap smear. Next, he’ll measure exactly where you currently feel the most sensation in your vaginal wall, so he can more precisely target the treatment to your unique anatomy. Finally, the area is numbed with a local anesthetic and Dr. Placik administers the injection. After the treatment, Dr. Placik will ask you to wear a tampon for 4 hours.

The entire appointment generally takes less time than your lunch break, and you can resume sexual activity as soon as the tampon is removed, about 4 hours following your procedure. Results should be immediately noticeable, and can last for several months or more.

G-Spot Enhancement FAQ

Am I a candidate?

The best results from G-spot augmentation are seen in sexually active women who are familiar with their own anatomy and who enjoy G-spot stimulation. Any woman who is interested in more a accessible G-spot or who wants to experience more intense vaginal orgasms may be a good candidate.

Will G-spot enhancement boost my sex life?

Making G-spot stimulation easier by amplifying the G-spot itself can lead to faster arousal and stronger vaginal orgasms. The majority of women who undergo the G-spot augmentation report a more intense sex life after the procedure. If clitoral stimulation is a concern for you as well, Dr. Placik may also recommend clitoral hood reduction to allow easier access to the clitoris during intercourse.

How much does G-spot enhancement cost?

The cost of G-spot enhancement can vary depending whether the procedure is administered on its own or in combination with additional vaginal rejuvenation. G-spot augmentation may also be included as part of a mommy makeover, in which case the total surgical costs would also include the anesthesiologist’s fee and charge for the surgical facility. However, it is often best to defer the injection when sexual activity is permissible and resumed following the more extensive procedures. Dr. Placik and his staff strive to provide excellent value and can help you with cosmetic surgery financing to make your procedure even more affordable.

How soon will I notice results?

Since you can resume sexual activity just a few hours after your appointment, most women notice results almost immediately. You and your partner should be able to locate your G-spot in a non-aroused state more easily, and notice heightened G-spot stimulation during intercourse along with deeper vaginal orgasms. Although the body naturally absorbs the injected collagen over time, the effects typically last between 3-6 months, with an average of 4 months for most women.

Does G-spot enhancement hurt?

Dr. Placik uses a local anesthetic prior to performing the treatment, so the procedure should be completely painless with a comfort level that’s similar to an annual gynecological exam. There may be slight spotting after your appointment, but this is not normally accompanied by pain or cramping. More time during your appointment will be spent on determining the correct measurements than delivering the injection itself, which only takes a few seconds.

What are the risks?

Because a G-spot injection is nonsurgical, the risks are very minimal, and include concerns like itching, irritation or bleeding at the injection site. More serious complications, like urinary tract infections, scarring or lumpiness, are possible but rare.

Dr. Placik promises you his best possible care and attention. If you would like to schedule a private consultation to learn more about G-spot enhancement, please contact us online or call us at 847-398-1660.


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