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One of the most important things to consider in planning your cosmetic surgery is how you plan to do your recovery. For many cosmetic surgery operations such as breast augmentation, tummy tucks, or liposuction, you will want to have someone take care of you for at least a day following the procedure. For some people, this can be done at home, but others may have difficulty arranging this. Whether you are single or have a spouse who is not good at caretaking or have kids or other demands at home that prevent you from devoting your full attention to recovery, you may find your healing slowed.

Even for those who have a supportive home environment for healing, Manor Care facilities offer a number of significant advantages:

  • Around-the-clock monitoring by a professional nursing staff
  • Treatment coordinated with your surgeon
  • A specialized diet that is the ideal intersection between doctor recommendations and personal choice
  • Detailed instruction in self-care techniques, including dressing changes, dietary restrictions, and medication use, prior to discharge
  • Privacy for those who are afraid of accidental encounters with friends or family before they are ready to share the results of their surgery

Out of Town Guests

Manor Care is an ideal option for patients coming in from out of town to take advantage of Dr. Placik’s specialized skills and experience. Manor Care allows you to have your recovery in a professionally supervised facility in constant touch with Dr. Placik’s office.

More than Health Care

Manor Care is more than just a place where you receive top-notch care. Our rooms are not hospital rooms. They are not cold, but are warm and inviting. Your stay won’t be like recovering at a hospital or nursing facility, it’ll be like a vacation at a bed and breakfast. With amenities like wall-to-wall carpeting, TVs in every room, and electric beds in addition to nursing care, dietician consultations, and linen services, you will have everything you need to put everything but recovery out of your mind for as long as you need to.

Dr. Otto Placik wants to make sure all phases of your cosmetic surgery go smoothly, and Manor Care is an excellent option for making sure you’re in good hands once you leave his office. To learn more about Manor Care or any of the cosmetic surgery options Dr. Placik offers, please contact us online today.


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