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Patient Testimonial of Chicago Plastic Surgeon Dr. Otto Placik

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Mommy Makeover Review Chicago Plastic Surgeon Dr. Otto Placik

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Patient Reviews Chicago Plastic Surgeon Dr. Otto Placik

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Face Lift

Dr Placik and the staff made me feel very comfortable. I wasn't anxious st all because they are all so competent and knowledgeable and explain everything thoroughly. . Dr Placik and the whole staff are highly experienced and also very welcoming I feel they are like family. My childre. say I look 20 years younger after my facelift, brepharoplasty, and fat transfer. I am very happy with the result and Dr Placik is amazing!

Mommy Makeover

I'm so much more confident and comfortable in almost all clothing , whereas before I would wear spanx and avoid certain clothing altogether. I actually wore a bikini for the first time in 10 years! Without the surgery I would have never done that. The outcome was exactly as I had anticipated with great staff.

Tummy Tuck

Caring staff. Excellent PS and amazing staff.

Tummy Tuck

Has boosted my confidence and I'm very happy being able to wear the type of clothes I've always dreamed of! Helped in ways exercise couldn't!!! Doctor, nurses and staff are all very professional and courteous. Very friendly and genuinely cared for me as a patient. Best service out there!!!!

Breast Implant Removal

very comforting and professional

Tummy Tuck

My daughter recommended Dr. Placik to me after she had a procedure done with him. I wanted to combine my hysterectomy with my tummy tuck and I was happy to hear that Dr. Placik was able to work with my gynecologist to get this done for me. My results are great! Dr. Placik has a great bedside manner and his staff are very knowledgable and caring.

Breast Augmentation

I was highly satisfied because the plan and care for the procedure were explained in a manner that was Helpful and easy to understand. The doctor took the time to explain my options according to my body type and needs. All the team members showed support and interest on my healing process; which I appreciated it a lot.

Tummy Tuck

I started looking for a plastic surgeon online who wasn't only a great plastic surgeon but a true artist who would never give anything less than 100% to his art work. A true plastic surgeon has to be a very talented artist to create a body for women who are unhappy with their bodies. I was not fully satisfied with my prior surgeries (tummy tuck and vaginal rejuvenation) . I knew there is that special someone out there who can fix my previous surgeries and also give me a result that I could be 100% satisfied with. Dr. Otto not only fixed the imperfections of my previous surgeries also performed Brazilian butt lift. The results are amazing and it definitely exceeded all my expectations. I feel so confident about myself and I know where to go again when I need my next surgery or any beauty procedures. Amazing Doctor with amazing staff. I highly recommend Dr. Otto if you're detail oriented and picky and expect the best result.

Breast Augmentation

I am vey impressed with every aspect of my procedure, Dr Placik is really amazing with his knowledge and art it takes to create such beautiful outcomes. I only wish I had more input from him while choosing on my implants size, really no complaints. The staff as a whole was thoroughly amazing. Cannot thank them enough. Thank you for the amazing work you all do!!

Breast Augmentation

The procedure turned out as natural as I could ever imagine. Dr. Otto is not only a surgeons, but an artist. He has an aesthetic eye and knows his craft. I would reccomend his practice for anyone, looking to undergo any procedure.


Dr. Placik, his nursing staff, and the hospital nursing staff were kind, polite, and informative. Sherry, in particular, was especially helpful and compassionate. Dr. Placik's receptionist's demeanor, manners, communication skills, and personal appearance fail to reflect the professionalism displayed by the the rest of Dr. Placik's staff She is cold and unfriendly and does not appear to enjoy her job. She also seems to know very little about office policies and was unable to answer several of my questions.

Breast Augmentation

From start to finish I was highly satisfied. I shopped around for a doctor for quite some time and went on numerous consultations. NO ONE spent as much time with me as Dr. Placik and NO ONE was as knowledgeable or made me feel as comfortable. Dr. Placik was exactly what I was looking for in a surgeon. He didn't try to sell me in any way as the other did on the highest material/implant and I felt like he truly cared that I got exactly what I wanted. After just going the one time I left 100\% confident that I would be using Dr. Placik as my surgeon. I was impressed all around and will absolutely recommend him to anyone and everyone!

Breast Augmentation

The staff was amazing and I was extremely well-informed about my surgery options. The team was caring and highly professional.

Breast Augmentation

The surgeon was very professional and I felt completely confident with him performing the surgery. The staff were very friendly and knowledgable. The atmosphere was calming and I am beyond estatic about the results. For years I have been debating this surgery. I am so happy I chose this group to perform this surgery. The surgeon was respectable and honest in his delivery of surgery outcomes- I never felt like he was trying to sell me" on anything. "


from the time I went in for a consultation Dr. Placik and the staff were friendly. Dr. Placik explained the procedure to me and I didn't feel like i was being rushed to make a decision. My result exceed my expectations.

Breast Augmentation

Fantastic staff, Dr. Placid extremely knowledgeable, great bedside manner and extremely professional.


The staff and Dr were extremely pleasant

Botox Cosmetic

Dr. Placik took time to talk to me about my concerns for the procedure and answer questions that I I had about othe rprocedures that I was considering. I felt he gave me honest answers and did not try to talk me into other procedures.

Breast Lift

I loved my experience with Dr. Placik, he was very knowledgeable and professional. His staff are wonderful; when I had an issue with one of my incisions, I was given a nurses cell phone number to call all weekend if I had any further issues.

Botox Cosmetic

I see Dr Placik for Botox. He and his staff are very friendly and kind. I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Placik and if and when I decide to have any type of cosmetic surgery he will definitely be my guy :)

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