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We are grateful for your interest in our practice.

We have many patients that travel nationally and internationally to receive services. Whether you are traveling a short distance or out-of-state, you can rest assure that we will do our best to personally meet your needs to ensure your experience is as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Our Practice has developed an approach to best meet the needs of our patients traveling long distances. Through telephone or email communications, our office will provide you with all the information that you will require to ensure that you are clearly informed about the procedure(s) that may interested you. In addition, our office can assist with any travel accommodations you may require.

We have two convenient locations, The Water Tower Place on the Chicago Gold Coast and the northwest suburbs. Our office surgical suite is located in Arlington Heights on the campus of Northwest Community Hospital. We are only 2.5 miles from interstates 90 & 53 and 10 miles from O’Hare International Airport. For more information see:

In order for us to accurately set up your surgery, it would be optimal for you to come in for a pre operative consultation. However, we understand that many patients’ travel long distances and it is difficult to schedule out of town visits. Many surgical procedures can be performed the same day as the initial visit and consultation, but this will require much detailed planning and preparation. You can download the appropriate patient forms from our website to make your visit as stress free as possible.

Various surgical procedures will require you to have assistance in the early stages following your surgery. For these specific procedures, it is mandatory for you to have a companion at the time of discharge from the surgical facility. If you are traveling alone, our office can make accommodations to assist you for your post operative care.

While virtual consultations are an option, they do not always mean an adequate assessment. The surgical procedure/ plan and fees may change when the physical exam is completed.

Dr. Placik and his staff invest a lot of time and energy into our out of town patients because we know they often travel great distances to see us. We are committed to making this an easy and relaxing journey.

Please email or contact our offices for more information regarding our plastic surgery procedures and services.

Although the incidence of compilations are low, surgery involves risks and there is a possibility that you will require medical care on an emergency basis once you return home. You should make arrangements for this or be prepared to call 911.

Though patients are welcomed to return for follow-up at 1-3 months and yearly, the reality of travel over great distance is that this is seldom done. Dr.Placik likes to see interval photos at 3 months and 12 months. If there is some concern after surgery you will need to come back to see Dr. Placik at our office or he will suggest you go to an immediate care facility.

When you are home, we will want to know how you are doing. We would encourage you to keep in touch with our office and periodically update us with your progress. As with all of our patients, we ask that you call and/or email as questions or needs arise. Additionally, we ask that you send us periodic photos (via mail or email), so that Dr. Placik can visually see your progress.

These patients generally leave a lasting impression on our office because we spend so much time communicating with them prior to their arrival.

We are committed to making this an easy and relaxing journey for any of our out-of-town patients.

Please e-mail or call our Chicago or Arlington Heights plastic surgery offices for more information on any of the above plastic surgery procedures.


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