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Facelift Including Liposuction / Endoscopy

Chicago, Illinois

A facelift (or face lift procedure) is an cosmetic surgery procedure that lifts, tightens and trims excess skin, fat, and/or muscle from your face and neck to provide a natural, more youthful appearance. Once considered exclusively for the very wealthy, facelifts are now being performed for people in all walks of life. It is not uncommon for people in their early forties to have a less extensive facelift as an early measure against aging. In fact, new techniques help make the facelift last longer, especially if it is done earlier while the skin has more elasticity.

The results of your facelift can last for years. It is often said that a facelift procedure can make a person look five or ten years younger, however, it is impossible to guarantee the exact result. Realistically, a successful facelift can make you look good for your age. The degree of improvement will be determined by such factors as age, heredity, bone structure, skin characteristics and personal habits related to smoking, nutrition, alcohol consumption, and sun exposure.

An important element of a facelift is the use of fat contouring and removal. This is frequently achieved through the use of liposuction. Removing excess fat can result in a more trim, youthful line of the throat and jaw. If the neck muscles have relaxed to form the so-called "turkey gobbler" look, they can be repaired to form a firm support for this area. This new approach extends the possibilities of correcting specific problems. The corrections are more pleasing and are designed to last a good deal longer. Incisions can be placed higher in the hairline and inside the ear, making them more difficult to detect.

The extent of the facelift procedure depends upon what changes are desired and what Dr. Placik deems appropriate. Correction of "drooping" cheeks between the nose and lips is one of the most difficult portions of a face lift and has been described with various approaches including the endoscope. When corrections of laxity or puffiness around the eyes is desirable, eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) may be done in conjunction with the facelift operation. This surgery is most often performed on an outpatient basis under an intravenous or a general anesthetic. However, some patients prefer to have their facelift and eyelid surgery done in a hospital because of pre-existing medical conditions, or because they wish to be in a hospital setting for recuperation.

Depending upon the extent of your surgery, and with or without eyelid surgery, the procedure usually takes from two to four hours. Compressive dressings that encircle the sides of your face will be applied for a few days. After surgery, there will be some discomfort that is controlled by medication. You will be asked to keep your head moderately elevated for several days. Swelling and skin discoloration are common and usually subside within a few weeks. Results, however, may not be fully appreciated for a number of weeks.

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