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What is rhinoplasty?

Your nose is a defining feature of your face. Cosmetic nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty or more informally as a ‘nose job,’ can help you refine the appearance of your nose for a better fit with your face. This procedure can reduce a hump on the bridge of the nose, refine the tip, straighten a crooked nose, and achieve other aesthetic improvements.

Dr. Otto Placik is a rhinoplasty specialist and board-certified plastic surgeon. In addition to cosmetic nose surgery, he also performs reconstructive rhinoplasty to correct birth defects, repair injuries to the nose, and improve breathing/airflow. The best rhinoplasty surgeons are skilled in improving or repairing a wide range of issues with the nose and achieving their patients’ expectations. For more subtle changes or a temporary correction of a minor bump or irregularity, Dr. Placik can perform a nonsurgical rhinoplasty using injectable fillers.

Rhinoplasty in Chicago

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Please contact us online or call our Chicago or Arlington Heights plastic surgery offices for more information on one of the best surgical rhinoplasty Chicago has to offer.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Chicago

Dr. Otto Joseph Placik Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Placik is a board certified plastic surgeon in Chicago and an active member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He received his medical degree from Northwestern University where he also completed residencies in general and plastic and reconstructive surgery.


About Rhinoplasty

Cosmetic nose surgery can achieve dramatic results for men and women who have noticeable bumps, asymmetry or other issues with their noses. It can also offer more subtle results for people who just want to correct a slight bump or indentation. The degree of improvement depends upon your existing anatomy and what you want to achieve.

Dr. Placik is careful to assess the appearance of your nose in relation to your other facial features. After surgery, it is important for your nose to be in harmony with your overall profile, and Dr. Placik may recommend other facial cosmetic procedures such as chin augmentation to create the optimal proportions.

How will my rhinoplasty be performed?

His Chicago rhinoplasty can be performed in an outpatient surgery setting or in a hospital, depending on your preferences. During surgery, you will be under general anesthesia so you will sleep comfortably throughout the procedure. To perform cosmetic nose surgery, Dr. Placik makes incisions inside the nose and then revises the shape of the cartilage and bone. He may also use an “open” technique, which allows a direct view of and access to these structures.

What can I expect after my rhinoplasty?

Within 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, you should begin to see early results, as bruising and swelling subside. The nose will continue to subtly change shape and contour for up to a year after your surgery. It is common for relatives or friends to report that they don’t see a major difference after surgery. Do not consider such reactions to be an indication that your procedure wasn’t a success. The intention, after all, is not to create a nose that draws undue attention, but rather one that blends in a natural way with the overall appearance of your face.

Rhinoplasty Chicago

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Rhinoplasty FAQ

Am I a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

Dr. Placik performs rhinoplasty for anyone who is unhappy with or seeks to improve the shape of his or her nose. Typically, our Chicago rhinoplasty patients feel that their noses are too large or too long, overly wide in places, crooked or off-center, and have unwanted bumps or ridges. The best candidates are fully grown (after the mid-teenage years when the nose has finished growing) and accept that improving their physical appearance does not mean achieving complete perfection.

How much does a rhinoplasty cost?

The price of a rhinoplasty depends on many factors, including what type of change you want to make to your nose. In addition to Dr. Placik’s surgical fee, there are fees paid to the operating facility and to the anesthesiologist. We will review costs with you in detail during your consultation once we have discussed your needs. Dr. Placik and his staff strive to provide excellent value and can help you with cosmetic surgery financing to make your procedure even more affordable.

What happens during the consultation?

First, Dr. Placik will evaluate your nose and talk with you about what you would like to improve. You will work together to ensure that your reshaped nose has proper function, fits with your bone structure and with the rest of your face, and aligns with how you want to look.

What can I expect during the procedure?

Before your Chicago nose job, you will be sedated using general anesthesia. To begin the surgery, Dr. Placik makes small incisions in and around the nose before lifting the skin on the bridge of the nose. Dr. Placik will then sculpt the cartilage to achieve your desired shape you, ensuring that the nasal passages remain intact and that the nose functions as well as (or better than) it did before surgery.

What about recovery?

Rhinoplasty is a major surgery and you should be prepared for several days of downtime. You will be asked to keep your head elevated and apply cold compresses to your eyes to reduce postoperative bruising and swelling. Black eyes, a sore nose, and a swollen face are common for the first few days after surgery. Bruising around the eyes typically lasts 4 to 5 days, and swelling should gradually diminish over a few weeks. You may need to wear a splint over your nose for a few days to ensure that your nose retains its new shape. You will be scheduled to return to the office a few days after your procedure to check on your recovery and remove stitches. Generally, our patients are ready to return to work or school within 4 to 5 days after surgery.

What are the risks?

During your first visit to our Chicago or Arlington Heights office, Dr. Placik will go over a complete list of side effects and possible complications that may occur following rhinoplasty surgery. While complications are rare, they may include a reaction to the anesthesia, infection or bleeding at the incision sites, scarring, and tissue damage. In cases where a complication occurs or where further cosmetic work is needed, a revision rhinoplasty procedure can be performed.

Dr. Placik promises you his best possible care and attention. If you would like to schedule a private Chicago nose job consultation, please contact us online or call us at 847-398-1660.

Dr. Otto Placik performing a Rhinoplasty Surgery

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