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Rumors have recently been swirling regarding mammogram complications and delayed breast cancer screenings for women who have had breast augmentation surgery. It is important to note that mammograms can be properly performed on women with breast implants.

However, you must inform the mammography technologist about your implants beforehand, so that he or she conducts additional and variously angled images in order to obtain an accurate result.

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Dr. Otto Joseph Placik Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Placik is a board certified plastic surgeon in Chicago and an active member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He received his medical degree from Northwestern University where he also completed residencies in general and plastic and reconstructive surgery.


Implant Ruptures and Mammograms

Regardless of your plastic surgeon’s technical skills, breast implants will eventually rupture. The average lifespan of a breast implant is 14.5 years; however, a recent FDA study suggests that mammography can shorten the longevity of your implant.

The information remains convoluted though — the American Society of Plastic Surgery states that approximately half of the women who receive breast implants are in their 20’s or early 30’s. Since women are recommended to regularly receive mammograms from 40 years old and onward, the majority of women undergo mammograms once their implants are already vulnerable to rupture.

Delayed Breast Cancer Detection

Implants may potentially mask the image of a tumor during a routine mammogram. Due to this, women who have had breast augmentation surgery must inform the mammography technologist about their implants prior to the screening. The technologist will then perform additional and different views in an attempt to obtain an accurate screening.

Many women who have had breast augmentation surgery may be unaware of the necessity to inform a mammography technologist about their implants. Consequently, the mammography results may not be accurate.

While not an actual fault of the implants, this can lead to delayed breast cancer detection in women who have had breast augmentation surgery.

Additionally, breast implants placed above the pectoral muscles decrease mammogram accuracy. It is recommended that women who have undergone implants in this method consult with a plastic surgeon about implant adjustment.

Mammography and Breast Augmentation

All women over the age of 40 should undergo a mammography once a year, or every other year, according to the National Cancer Institute. Breast implants are thought to make cancer detection more difficult for women who have had breast augmentation. This is because the existence of an implant can obstruct the examination process. Is you have any question or concerns please connect with Dr. Placik, breast augmentation surgeon Chicago.

Even so, if the mammography is conducted by a technician who has experience performing mammograms on women with breast implants, accurate and precise results can be obtained. It is possible to “implant misplaced” views. Moving the implant in a way that enhances the quantity of tissue seen is known as Eklund views, after the clinician who initially reported it. Additional images of the breast tissue may be obtained.

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Avoiding Mammograms

Since a mammogram involves pressure to the breast and traumatic forces can cause a vulnerable implant to rupture, many women who have had breast augmentation surgery avoid mammograms.

Avoidance of mammography can result in the delaying of breast cancer detection. Prior to receiving breast implants, women must be informed about the lifespan of their implants and be prepared to replace them in the event of rupture or as they near the conclusion of their lifespan.

Chicago, Illinois Breast Surgeon Dr. Otto J. Placik, is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery but have concerns regarding mammograms, please contact our plastic surgery office today to schedule your personal, breast consultation with Dr. Placik.


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