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Reality star Kim Kardashian and her beau, rapper Kanye West, may be celebrating the recent birth of their daughter, North, but while the public has yet to see pictures of the new baby, all eyes are still on Kardashian, but not because of her parenting strategies or her shenanigans on TV with the Kardashian “Klan.” The starlet has been accused of getting Botox while pregnant, and when looking at some of the footage of the glowing mother-to-be on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” it’s hard not to wonder if Kim did, in fact, have some work done.

Kim is definitely no stranger to Botox. In past seasons of the show, fans have witnessed “KK” get Botox injections up close and personal.  But while Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, has repeatedly denied the rumors that her daughter has gotten Botox injections while pregnant, Kim’s lips appeared much fuller during her pregnancy than they did beforehand.

Yes, women who are pregnant may tend to accumulate water weight and, of course, natural weight from the baby itself, but it isn’t as common for an expectant mother’s lips to appear larger and almost swollen, the way Kim’s did during her pregnancy. It is possible, but given Kim’s love of Botox, we have to wonder if the new mom didn’t dabble at least once with the treatment while expecting.

Leave it up to “Momager” Jenner to stand up for her second-born daughter. According to Jenner, the rumors about Kim getting Botox during her pregnancy are “stupid.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Kim has faced scrutiny in the media and most likely won’t be the last. The 32-year-old was ridiculed over her short-lived marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries, which lasted all but 72 days. And while Botox is a popular cosmetic procedure for many women in their 30s like Kim, when the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles become noticeable, even if there is a slight chance she got injections during her pregnancy, the media won’t hesitate to blow the story up.

There are several benefits associated with Botox which make the treatment a fan favorite. Botox is popular not only because of its ability to seemingly turn back the hands of time by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and lines with just a quick, painless injection but because the effects are not permanent. Unlike some plastic surgery procedures like facelifts, Botox treatments do not produce permanent results; each dosage lasts around four to five months. Those who wish to continue having the effects of Botox are recommended to keep getting subsequent injections, but for those who prefer to leave it as a one-time treatment, the area that was treated will return to its normal state without any lasting effects.

The effects of Botox on expectant mothers has not been significantly studied to the point where one could say injections would harm the fetus or the mother, but it is much better to be safe than sorry during pregnancy and wait until the baby is born to undergo any cosmetic or plastic surgery treatment.

Here at Body Sculptor, Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Otto Placik, will never perform a treatment on an expectant mother or any patient for that matter if there is even a remote chance there may be an adverse effect. Before any treatment is undergone, a thorough analysis of the patient’s health is performed to rule out the possibility of any underlying condition or allergy that may act counterproductively with the treatment.

If you have considered getting Botox injections or any other rejuvenating treatment, contact Dr. Placik today to schedule a consultation and determine if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.

Author: Dr. Otto Placik

Dr. Otto Placik is a Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Chicago, a leader in the field of body sculpting, and is recognized for his artistry in a wide range of modern cosmetic enhancements.


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