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Woman with beautiful body at tropical beach. Collage.The year-end statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported an increase in labiaplasty, with 44 percent more women choosing the surgery in 2013 compared to 2012. What’s the motivation behind this sudden surge in such an intimate procedure?

Cosmetic Surgery Trends

The truth is, labiaplasty isn’t the only cosmetic surgery procedure on the rise these days. The 2013 ASPS statistics also showed a 12 percent increase in the combined total of surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures since the previous year. Since 1997, the first year ASPS year-end statistics were tracked, cosmetic procedures have gone up 279 percent in all. Yet, the increase in labiaplasty specifically is among the highest of any individual procedure.

Changing Beauty Standards

What makes this surgery so different? Here are a few factors contributing to the increased interest in labiaplasty:

  • Grooming styles: Over the last decade, more women are embracing the Brazilian wax for a clean, streamlined look, and a labiaplasty only enhances this idea.
  • Bolder sexuality: More women are in a position to take action on what’s important to them, and that includes taking steps to change the appearance of their vaginal area.
  • Embracing exercise: There are more avid cyclists, swimmers and runners than ever these days, and this has led to an increase in awareness over the dreaded “camel toe.”

Labiaplasty surgery can create a more discreet look and less awkward feel that’s ideal for athletes.

Regardless of your specific motivation, one thing is for sure: with so many women discussing how labiaplasty has helped them feel more confident and more comfortable, the surgery’s popularity isn’t likely to trend downward anytime soon.


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