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Lip Lift Surgery

Aging causes flesh of the face to hang more than it does with those still in their youth. While the jowls, “turkey neck,” and droopy eyes may be noticeable, even the upper lip is affected as it begins to atrophy and thin. A thin upper lip may also be genetic. In either case, a thin upper lip may cover the teeth too much, which affects your smile and can make you appear older than you are. To correct this, some people may look to injectable fillers to create fuller lips. This is effective, but must be repeated every few months. Furthermore, fillers may aggravate or make an already long lip look longer. A more permanent solution is to undergo a lip lift.

If you are in the Chicago, Illinois area and are interested in finding out more about the lip lift procedure, please contact experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik for an initial consultation.

The lip lift creates an aesthetically pleasing upper lift by elevating the lip, increasing the pink part of the lip, and giving you a broader smile. It also creates a bit of a pout, which is one of the hallmarks of a youthful lip.

Lip Lift Procedure

It is possible for Dr. Placik to perform the lip lift procedure in the office under local anesthesia. Although many different options exist which can be discussed at the time of consultation (see our blog), the most popular version is the Bull’s Horn Lip Lift. An incision is made just beneath the nose and a tiny strip of skin and tissue is removed. The lip is then raised to the new position. This exposes a bit more of your teeth as well as permanently increases the volume of the upper lip. Sutures may be removed in about seven days.

The lip lift procedure can be augmented with injectable fillers or implants. Dr. Placik will discuss your options with you. The smile of those who have undergone the lip lift procedure is broader and brighter and they seem to look happier.

If you are unhappy with the way your upper lip looks, please contact board certified plastic surgeon Otto Placik, M.D. in the Chicago, Illinois area for an initial consultation.

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