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Breast Enlargement
(Augmentation Mammaplasty)

Chicago, Illinois

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The size and contour of the female breast can be effectively increased through breast enlargement, or breast augmentation, surgery. Aesthetic breast augmentation (mammaplasty) typically is performed to enlarge small, underdeveloped breasts or breasts that have decreased in size after childbearing. If you would like to see before and after photos of patients that have received breast enlargement surgery, click here. For patients with sagging of the breasts, Dr. Placik may recommend a breast surgery procedure to reshape and lift the breasts in addition to breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation before and after photo

Breast augmentation (mammaplasty) is performed under a general, intravenous, or local anesthetic depending upon the surgical technique and your anesthesia preference. This will be decided by you and Dr. Placik.
A small incision about two inches in length is made either in the fold beneath the breast, around the lower half of the areola (dark skin around the nipple), or in the underarm area.  Next, Dr. Placik creates a pocket either directly under the breast tissue or underneath the chest wall muscle, depending on the surgeon’s technique and the patient’s anatomy. Then a breast implant or prosthesis is inserted into this pocket. As your body heals, it forms a membrane of scar tissue around the device to hold it in place. Several sutures are necessary to close the incisions. The procedure may take from one to two hours.

Questions about the technique and the type of breast implant to be used, as well as any concerns about the safety and present status of breast implants will be thoroughly discussed during consultation with Dr. Placik.

Following breast enlargement surgery, a dressing and elastic bandage is applied for about one week. You can be up and about within a day, but strenuous activity and heavy lifting should be avoided for approximately four to six weeks. Your breasts may be discolored or swollen after the operation. Bruising will disappear within a few weeks and swelling after a few months. You also may experience some degree of firmness in the breasts for a few weeks following breast enlargement surgery. This, too, should diminish with time. Additional surgery may be required to soften breasts that become too firm due to excessively tight scar formation, a process called capsular contracture.

Manor Care Post-Operative Recovery

Breast Enlargement Information

Silicone Gel Breast Implants Approved by FDA

Please e-mail or call our Arlington Heights or Chicago plastic surgery offices for more information on breast enlargement (breast augmentation) surgery.

Click here to view Breast Augmentation before and after photos.

Breast Enlargement Questions

Will I be able to breast feed after breast augmentation surgery?

This is a very valid question that women ask regarding breast augmentation surgery. While breast implants do affect the breast anatomy is some ways, placement of a saline or surgical implant should never prevent you from being about to breast feed.

In the past, when breast augmentation was not as common as it is today, the majority of women who had the procedure were typically women who were older and done having children. In today’s modern society, breast augmentation has lost much of the stigma associated with it and it has become more affordable, allowing younger, single women to have the procedure done. Also, in the early 1990s when silicone was rumored to have negative health effects, popularity of the procedure hit a low and women who planned on having children avoided the procedure for fear of negative effects on unborn babies or danger in breastfeeding. Silicone has since returned to the market with FDA-approval and no cases of harm to children.

Will augmentation improve the appearance of sagging breasts?

Yes – by increasing the breast size with a silicone or saline implant, the breast will be fuller, and less breast tissue will be available to sag. Although implants will not lift the entire breast, or correct severely sagging breasts, they can improve the overall appearance of sagging. Patients who are self-conscious about breast sagging are encouraged to consider the cosmetic procedure breast lift.

Will my breast augmentation results look natural?

That is the ultimate goal of Dr. Otto J. Placik and his team! While we are concerned with increasing your breast size by the cup size you are most comfortable with, we want to make sure your results are very natural-looking as well as attractive. We do this by ensuring the incisions are carefully hidden in the breast folds, choosing a size and shape that fits well with your profile, choosing the ideal placement of your implant (over or under the muscle), and choosing the filler that works best with your body (saline or silicone). In designing your breast augmentation to look as natural as possible, Dr. Placik will take many factors into account, including the amount of breast tissue you have, the overfill amount (volume of saline or silicone) that has produced great results for past patients, breast implant texture, your skin thickness, and whether or not you need pre-filled or adjustable-volume implants.

Will breast augmentation cause stretch marks?

It all depends on the qualities of your skin, most notably skin elasticity. In many women, genetics are to blame for the ability to show stretchmarks. Some women may get them, and some will never have a problem. If you have preexisting stretchmarks, implants may minimize them a bit, but won’t eliminate them completely. If you choose a higher cup-size, stretchmarks may develop due to the quick expansion of tissue. While there is no sure fire way to get rid of them, Retin-A, Vitamin E, and certain lotions may help with the appearance of stretchmarks.

Is breast augmentation a painful procedure?

During breast augmentation, you will be anesthetized and should feel nothing. You will experience some discomfort after the procedure as your breast tissue has been expanded due to the placement of implants, but this is manageable with medication. Pain, however, is very relative and while some patients may experience pain and soreness, others may only experience mild discomfort during healing. Discomfort will vary, also, based on factors like the amount of breast tissue, the type of implant, and the size of implant, and the placement of incisions. It is important to follow Dr. Placik’s instructions during recovery to minimize discomfort and encourage rapid healing.

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