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Tummy Tuck(Abdominoplasty)

Chicago, Illinois

Tummy Tuck Click here to view a video testimonial from a patient who received a tummy tuck from Dr. Otto Placik at Associated Plastic Surgeons in Chicago.

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For patients who have an excess of abdominal skin and loose abdominal muscles, correction is obtained by abdominoplasty. Individual differences in skin elasticity and muscle tone are important factors in determining if you will benefit from this type of surgery. In this surgery, an incision is made in the abdomen extending above the pubic area from one hip to the other. Often an underlying muscular defect is present which can be repaired at the same time. This procedure then involves the removal of excess skin and fatty tissue and redraping of the skin is needed to achieve the optimal appearance. Depending upon the extent of the required procedure, an inpatient or outpatient approach may be appropriate and a general anesthetic is required.20770 Full Abdominoplasty

Surgical scars will never completely disappear but will gradually fade and become less apparent. Potential complications should be thoroughly discussed during the consultation with your surgeon. Postoperatively, you must refrain from strenuous activity for up to six weeks and wear an elastic support garment for two to three weeks.

Manor Care Post-Operative Recovery

Tips on Diet and Exercise

Abdominoplasty Information

Dr. Placik was the first to use the new No Knot Quill Suture in the northwest Suburbs of Chicago. Read more about the Quill technique here: http://www.angioedupro.com/?gclid=CN6Zl4W805ECFRATIgodNBlmaw

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