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There are many procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical that can help a person enhance their face’s appearance and make them look more youthful and revitalized. When it comes to the forehead lift, your Chicago plastic surgeon may suggest this to those who have wrinkled foreheads and droopy eyes.

 A forehead lift is a more permanent solution than many other procedures such as Botox. Like Botox, the forehead lift will eliminate or greatly reduce wrinkles. However, at the same time it will lift the forehead area, making your eyes appear more alert and lively.

The overall procedure includes having incisions made in the scalp that your surgeon will use to work through. They will work with the muscles and even get rid of the extra skin. They will then pull the skin tight and close the incisions with sutures after pulling the skin tight to create a lift.

Do you feel that you could benefit from a forehead lift from a Chicago plastic surgeon? Make a consultation and they will perform an evaluation. They will also give you any information in regards to the forehead lift surgery and even show you before and after pictures of past patients.


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