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Although chemical peels aren’t a surgical procedure, they are often performed by a Chicago plastic surgeon. They are experienced in helping others with their skin and a chemical peel is one of the treatments they offer for facial skin.

A chemical peel is a rather simple procedure. The Chicago plastic surgeon will apply a chemical to your face and allow it to sit for a bit. The chemicals will work at exfoliating the skin and ridding of any dead skin cells. When finished, the surgeon will simply wipe the face clean and give you any after care instructions.

You will notice that after you have had your chemical peel, your skin feels smoother and appears to be refreshed. A chemical peel completely rejuvenates the skin. Unfortunately, a chemical peel can’t do everything that a laser treatment may be able to such as remove freckles and acne scars, but it is great for those who just want a fresher healthier appearance.

Men and women both enjoy going to a Chicago plastic surgeon for chemical peels. Many will return on a regular basis to keep up with the appearance of their skin.


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