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Beautiful female bodyWhen considering labiaplasty, women have two options: wedge or trim labiaplasty. Although both types of labiaplasty accomplish the same goal of creating a more proportionate look to your labia, these terms refer to a difference in surgical techniques. As labiaplasty becomes increasingly popular, more women (and their surgeons) are increasingly aware of the options of the trim versus wedge labiaplasty, and for a few very good reasons.

Technical Differences

During trim labiaplasty, as the name implies, your surgeon simply trims the edges of the labia the appropriate amount. This removes the darker edges of the labia, the appearance of which can be a cosmetic concern for many women. Restoring a uniform skin tone to the labia is one of the primary benefits of opting for the trim labiaplasty. Another benefit is the treatment of the entire length of the labia proceeding from the clitoral hood to the vaginal fourchette (front to back).

During wedge labiaplasty, your surgeon removes a small wedge of tissue from partway down the labia, leaving the natural edge intact. The benefits of this approach include a shorter scar and a less obviously surgical appearance to the labia after the procedure. With the wedge labiaplasty, only the middle one-third of the labia minora is resected and therefore a modification or additional incision is required to address the clitoral hood or redundant tissue that extends towards the back. In a trim labiaplasty, the natural design of the incision incorporates the clitoral hood and posterior redundancy.

The Right Option for You

The question of which labiaplasty technique is best for you comes down to your personal preference, the recommendation of your surgeon and your natural anatomy. Healing time and post-surgical sensation are equivalent for both procedures, and women seem equally happy with both techniques after surgery. Dr, Placik is experienced with performing either procedure and participates in studies as well as national presentations to educate other plastic surgeons and practitioners.  As with any cosmetic surgery, the emphasis should be on choosing the approach that will help you meet your cosmetic goals in a way that respects your body while at the same time delivering the optimum results.


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