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Tummy Tuck Recovery

You’re considering an abdominoplasty, but you’re worried about the tummy tuck recovery process. It’s quite important to be informed and knowledgeable about healing from this surgery, as this will help you avoid complications and make it go quickly and more smoothly.

For a six-to-eight-week period, avoid participating in any physically stressful activities, including working out. These activities have the potential to affect scar healing, cause other complications, and generally create the need for an extended tummy tuck recovery period.

While the tummy tuck recovery process can disrupt one’s daily routine, it is essential for the success of the procedure. Be sure to follow your physician’s care instructions to a T. If you’d like to learn more about the healing process, contact our office and arrange a consultation. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik would be happy to make sure you’re fully informed.


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