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VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star K Michelle recently admitted to getting a little boost with her onscreen performance. No, she did not get acting lessons, but she did admit to getting buttocks implants and a lift, more commonly known as the Brazilian Butt Lift.

The reality star was recently interviewed on the New York radio station Power 105.1 FM’s The Breakfast Club and admitted to getting plastic surgery to enhance her buttocks.

butt lift

“Recently, I’ve had a [butt] lift,” K. Michelle told the show’s cast. “It’s just a lift, no injections in your butt cheeks. […] They just lift it. They take fat out [of] your stomach.”

However, off the air, K Michelle reportedly admitted she had butt implants in addition to butt lift surgery.

While not all Hollywood stars like to admit they’ve had some work done, these days, admitting you’ve had plastic surgery is not a big deal. Other reality stars have recently come clean about their cosmetic surgery makeovers, including the Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stranger, who recently admitted to having a breast reduction and lift, as well as an eye lift.

Although treatments like breast augmentation, reduction, and liposuction are much more common, buttocks augmentation surgery has become increasingly popular in recent times, especially with a greater number of women flaunting curvaceous and voluptuous figures, including another reality show starlet, Kim Kardashian, and singer-actress Jennifer Lopez.

Buttocks Augmentation surgery is ideal for women who are insecure about the size of their buttocks, who would like to attain greater definition or a perkier buttocks overall, who have lost firmness in the buttocks due to weight loss, or for women who have a relatively larger chest area compared with their posterior.

The surgery can be performed in two ways: either with implants or through natural fat transfer. When the patient’s own fat cells are used to increase the size or shape of the buttocks, the treatment is known as the Brazilian Butt Lift.

Choosing the type of buttocks lift treatment is unique to each individual. Here at Body Sculptor, Chicago plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik is a fan of using the patient’s natural fat cells to enhance their buttocks. This method not only results in fewer complications because there are no foreign materials used in the surgery, but the patient can also benefit from losing fat in another area of the body where excess or stubborn fat tends to accumulate.

Using liposuction, Dr. Placik will remove the fat cells from the desired area and inject them into the buttocks, adding volume, lift and symmetry. There are no scars involved and recovery time is minimal so patients can show off their new, fuller, curvaceous figure in less time.

If you are tired of suffering with a flat, asymmetrical or sagging posterior, then buttocks augmentation surgery using natural fat cells may be the ideal treatment choice for you. For more information on the Chicago Brazilian Butt Lift, contact Dr. Placik today for a consultation to determine your optimal plastic surgery options. 


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