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Plastic surgery has been known to cause miracles to happen. And these days, with new technology and endless medical possibilities, treatments are reaching new heights. No longer is plastic surgery a realm of purely cosmetic procedures; these days, there are treatments that can change lives in more ways than anyone would imagine. Surgeries like breast reduction can help male patients who have Gynecomastia (enlarged breasts), Rhinoplasty can help correct a deviated septum, and patients can now use Botox to treat migraines.


As the years go by, innovative plastic surgery treatments become increasingly available, but one recent procedure serves as a testimony to just how dramatically plastic surgery can change a life for the better.

A teenage Pakistan girl in Pakistan has recently undergone a remarkable reconstructive plastic surgery treatment after being the victim of a terrorist attack. Malala Yousafzai was only 14 years old when she was shot in the head by a Taliban member in October 2012 while protesting for a woman’s right to an education.

After being shot, Yousafzai was left for dead but emergency crews eventually found her and transported her to a nearby hospital in her hometown, where the bullet was removed.

At first, doctors did not think she was going to make it, but Yousafzai’s story of perseverance and strength has astounded everyone in the medical community.

The bullet entered just above the back of Yousafzai’s left eye and grazed her brain, going down her jaw line and becoming lodged above her left shoulder blade. She sustained severe cranial damage and after the bullet was removed, doctors realized the extent of Yousafzai’s injuries were too severe to treat locally, so she was transferred to QEHB in the United Kingdom, where a team of specialists from neurosurgeons to plastic surgeons have been helping her recover.

Following a series of surgeries, Yousafzai embarked on the most critical part of her road to recovery – a reconstructive surgery that would repair her skull.

At the end of January, Yousafzai underwent what doctors hope to be her last surgical procedure: a reconstructive cranial surgery.  A custom-made titanium plate was created to repair the damage to her skull, along with a cochlear implant surgery to restore hearing in her left ear and a procedure that repaired a facial nerve that was severed. The nerve that sustained damage runs under the ear, but her doctors were able to re-route it and reconnect it.

Although she still has weakness on the left side of her face, doctors believe there is a good chance Yousafzai will completely recover within 18 months.

But perhaps the most remarkable factor throughout Yousafzai’s recovery is her undaunted commitment to her cause. Nominated for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, the teen continues to promote women’s rights as she endeavors to recuperate.

The cranial reconstructive surgery procedure serves as a testament to the many miracles plastic surgery can work on patients of any age and with a wide range of needs. Whether the patient requires skin grafting following a burn or even a new limb following amputation, plastic surgeons perform miracles every day, giving patients the ability to continue living their lives without being held back over their injuries or deformities.

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