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Drooping breasts are a problem many women face as part of the aging process. Ptosis, or drooping skin, is the technical term for what breasts experience when they sag. This issue can be corrected using breast lift surgery.

A moderate level of ptosis is classified as Grade II ptosis, also called second-degree ptosis. When a person has Grade II ptosis, their breasts’ areolae have descended below the level of their inframammary fold, the area where the ribcage meets the breast. The nipples are one to three centimeters below the fold. Beneath the areolae, there is usually no visible breast tissue; this sub-areolar tissue is called lower pole tissue.

Regardless of your ptosis grade, breast lift surgery can help. Contact our office to set up an appointment, where you’ll discuss the procedure in greater detail. Dr. Otto Placik is a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon who would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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