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 The size of a person’s nipples may have them self-conscious about their appearance. If a person’s nipples appear to be too large in length or circumference, they may want to consider a nipple reduction. The same goes for the areola if it happens to be too large or puffy, a reduction can be done. This procedure can be performed by a plastic surgeon in Chicago.

A nipple reduction surgery by a plastic surgeon in Chicago consists of several techniques. It will depend on which area you are getting reduced. If it is the length of the nipples, then the nipples will be cut at the tip. If the areola is being reduced then an incision will be made to reduce its size and sutures will be applied when finished.

The recovery from nipple reduction surgery isn’t very long and they will heal rather quickly. Normal daily activities are allowed to be resumed after a day or two.

When your nipples are too large, it can make it uncomfortable to wear certain clothing such as a swimsuit. This is why many men and women go to a plastic surgeon in Chicago for nipple reduction surgery.


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