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There are a number of reasons a woman may be unhappy with the appearance of her breasts. One of the more common but least talked about imperfections is inverted nipples. This common defect effects thousands of women often making them self conscious. Using Chicago nipple repair surgery, Dr. Placik is able to improve the appearance of inverted nipples and restore self confidence.

Inverted nipples are most commonly genetic but may also occur after injury to the breast or breast feeding. During inverted nipple surgery, Dr. Placik either removes the tissue responsible for the inverted nipple or rearranges it. Dr. Placik takes special care not to interrupt the milk ducts so that women may still breast feed. Unfortunately, some inverted nipples damage the milk ducts and women are not able to breast feed even after their inverted nipples have been corrected. There is virtually no scarring after the procedure.

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