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Our newest patient in our online Patients Revealed Book is William. William is a 38 year old account manager who had a Chin Augmentation with Liposuction of the neck and jowls. William is a good example of a man who had a desire to change an aspect of himself but always felt more self-conscious about the prospect of undergoing a cosmetic procedure than he was about the aspect of himself he wanted to change. Perhaps a part of that was due to the fact that that perhaps he thought there was still something he could do to change this particular aspect of himself: diet and exercise. William began a healthier diet and exercise regimen and while he was noticing significant changes in all other aspects of his body, his double chin still persisted.

At last, William began exploring his options to change the one thing he’d always wanted to change and through the exemplary word of mouth and word of web reputation of Dr. Placik, found himself here for his consultation. The procedure a success, William has never been happier and states his only regret as wishing he would have done it sooner. Learn more about William’s story in his own words.

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