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If your neck is hindering you from having a more structured looking face, you may want to consider a neck lift from your Chicago plastic surgeon. When people gain weight, go through excessive weight loss, or are aging, they may notice that the skin, fat and muscle on their neck just isn’t what it used to be. It may appear to be loose and saggy which will give you an older and less structured appearance.

neck lift before & after - dr placikneck lift after dr placik

A neck lift can be done in several ways. Sometimes liposuction is all that is needed. However, your surgeon may want to make an incision on the chin to reshape the neck and work with the muscle to get it tightened up again.

Your surgeon may suggest having a facelift performed at the same time as your neck lift. This way the face and neck will be balanced and structured. However, this isn’t always the case.

Do you think that a neck lift will help your facial appearance? Contact a Chicago plastic surgeon for a consultation. They will examine your neck and inform you of how they will go about the procedure.


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