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Nasal Valve Collapse Chicago

Does your nose show visual or functional signs of having a nasal valve collapse? Flimsy nostrils or a pinched bridge may be possible indicators. To find out if you have this condition and need rhinoplasty, it’s best to have a plastic surgeon take a look at the area.

During your nasal valve collapse consultation, your plastic surgeon may need to trim your nose hair in order to better assess the nostril area. People have internal and external nasal valves, and having a clear view is key. It’s also important to avoid disturbing the nasal valves while evaluating them, as this can lead to incorrect conclusions.

Arrange for a nasal valve collapse consultation by contacting our office today. Along with evaluating the area, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik will discuss the corrective rhinoplasty procedure with you in greater detail and will answer any questions you may have about it.


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