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Have you checked out our Patients Revealed Online Testimonial Book? In it, you can read the stories of men and women of all ages and walks of life who have undergone various procedures from face lifts to abdominoplasty, breast augmentation to corrective ear surgery, and so many more.

In the online book you’ll be able to read about each patient’s personal journey, what brought them to Dr. Placik, what their experience was like during, before and after the procedure and you’ll even see before and after photos. You’ll be able to see exactly what procedures were performed and why they were chosen. It’s a wonderful resource for prospective patients to better understand the plastic surgery process and to get a better idea of the beautiful and consistent work Dr. Placik delivers for his patients.

Best of all, we are constantly adding new patients to our Patients Revealed section. Who knows- maybe one day you’ll be a featured patient showing off your beautiful results!


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