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As more women become interested in labiaplasty to improve the appearance of prominent labia minora (inner vaginal lips), it’s only natural to wonder if the procedure may be covered by your existing health insurance policy. According to your insurance provider, does labiaplasty fall under the category of cosmetic, elective procedure or medical necessity?

Beyond Appearances

Labiaplasty is most often performed for cosmetic reasons, typically to create a more balanced, proportional look when the inner labia appear elongated. Labiaplasty can also be performed to remove the darker, uneven natural edge of the labia for more discreet external vaginal contours.

However, the majority of women express concerns that extend far beyond aesthetics during their initial labiaplasty consultation. Time and again, I hear patients talk about experiencing physical discomfort and self-consciousness about a “camel toe” when wearing slim-fitting clothing, especially workout wear. Overly large labia can also feel uncomfortable or chafe during activities like horseback riding or mountain biking, and can even feel like they get in the way during sex. All of these issues are very legitimate concerns to consider a labial reduction.

Does Insurance Cover Labiaplasty?

If you’re one of the women who fall into the latter category, does that mean your health insurance policy will cover your procedure? Not necessarily. However, some providers do offer labiaplasty coverage under certain circumstances.

Your best bet for getting insurance coverage or reimbursement for your labiaplasty is through a careful record of your care, and working closely with a plastic surgeon who performs the procedure often enough to know exactly the kind of documentation your insurance company is seeking to review.


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