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A Chicago plastic surgeon is skilled in performing many different vaginal surgeries and procedures. One of the procedures that they are particularly familiar with is the hymenoplasty procedure.

A hymenoplasty is a procedure that can repair a torn or ruptured hymen. A woman’s hymen can become ruptured for many reasons. To repair the hymen, your Chicago plastic surgeon will remove the top layer of tissue and then repair the membranes of the hymen by putting the pieces back together. By using dissolvable sutures to tact the edges of the hymen back together, they will heal much faster now that the top layer of tissue was removed.

During the first six to eight weeks of your recovery, you must refrain from sexual intercourse and tampons. Other than that, you may resume normal activity as long as they aren’t too intense.

Hymenoplasty will give you back your confidence. Many women undergo their hymenoplasty procedure for personal reasons. Regardless, of the reason, if it will make you feel better about yourself then it may be the perfect procedure for you. Just call to set up a consultation with your Chicago plastic surgeon to learn more about the hymenoplasty and see if it may be the right choice for you.


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