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  Some males have an excessive amount of breast tissue or fat in the breast area. This can make them extremely self-conscious about their figure. Well, instead of continuously trying to lose your extra fat in the breast area through exercise, you can call a Chicago plastic surgeon for a male breast reduction, also referred to as gynecomastia.

A gynecomastia can be done in several ways depending on how much extra fat, skin and breast tissue is there. Liposuction is usually the procedure chosen, but your Chicago plastic surgeon may need to make incisions to remove extra breast tissue or skin if it is excessive. They will then close the incisions with sutures, while pulling the skin tight. The downtime will consist of at least a week’s time.

When you have larger breasts than you would like to have as a man, it may be hard for you to find shirts that don’t emphasize them. You may also feel intimidated when going to the gym or pool. However, after a gynecomastia you won’t have those concerns or worries any longer. Consult with a Chicago plastic surgeon about a gynecomastia and they will give you all of the information you need plus show you before and after pictures.


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