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Your dermatologist can give you a facial to eliminate dead skin cells, unclog skin pores, and boost circulation to send more nutrients to the skin. This procedure can make you look younger and fresher temporarily.

But there are other options, such as a vampire facial. This popular procedure involves removing some of your blood, separating the plasma, and putting it into the facial skin with a tiny needle.

The plasma makes the skin heal faster, and this can make healthy skin cells grow more efficiently. A vampire facial can:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Plump the skin
  • Reduce the appearance of acne scars
  • Make dull skin brighter

The procedure is getting more popular after celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have posted about it online.

If you’re considering a vampire facial, you’ll want to know more about it, including how long the results last.

Find out below.

How A Vampire Facial Works

First, the dermatologist or healthcare professional cleans your face, then may apply a numbing cream.

Next, they draw a few teaspoons of blood from your arm. Your doctor also may inject your face with dermal filler to reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.

Note: If your healthcare provider injects dermal fillers, the procedure is known as a vampire facelift. A vampire facial uses only micro needling to inject plasmas into the skin.

Now the blood is placed in a centrifuge, where the plasma and blood are separated. Then, with a small needle, the plasma is injected into the face.

This procedure is usually done on the face, but it also can be used to reduce osteoarthritis, increase hair growth, and treat tendon and ligament injuries in athletes. This technique also can be used for breast lifts without surgery.

What To Expect After Vampire Facial

Some patients notice facial redness after the procedure, but it’s noninvasive, so you can probably return to work the same day.

It’s important not to touch the face for three or four hours after the vampire facial. After that, if your dermatologist says it’s ok, you can place a cold pack on it to reduce pain and swelling.

Most people see plumping from the facial almost immediately, and the evenness and glow from the injected plasma will appear after two or three weeks.

It’s essential to apply sunscreen every day after your facial to ensure you don’t get sun damage on your face.

Note that a vampire facials’ results last between a year and 18 months. So, you will need a touch-up treatment eventually.

How Effective Are Vampire Facials?

The effectiveness of vampire facials boils down to the plasma injected into your skin. Plasma is full of protein and carries protein, vital nutrients, and hormones to the body.

Experts believe this process stimulates the production of elastin and collagen in the skin, which makes the skin look younger. Plasma also can stimulate your body to heal faster and efficiently.

Research suggests that a vampire facial enhances the skin’s ability to produce collagen and elastin, giving the skin more volume and glow for up to 18 months.

A vampire facial is a practical noninvasive approach to add volume to the face and more color and youthful tones. You’ll look more glowing and vital after your vampire facial, so talk to your healthcare provider about the procedure today.

Also, some doctors use Botox injections in conjunction with a vampire facial to reduce the signs of crow’s feet and lines around the mouth and nose.

Vampire Facial Safety

Vampire facials are safe when performed by skilled and experienced doctors and surgeons. Most patients have mild pain, swelling, and bruising, but these fade after a day or two.

One potential concern is how your blood is handled; you should be sure that your healthcare provider removes the blood safely. In addition, the blood must be kept sterile before it’s injected, or it could cause an infection.

Fortunately, healthcare providers who do vampire facials are extensively trained in safety procedures, and there’s rarely any concern.

Alternative Procedures

Many doctors recommend a vampire facial to make the face look younger and fresher without surgery. But there are other options, too:

  • Laser skin resurfacing: Various lasers – CO2, erbium, and fractional – can reduce the appearance of many skin problems, such as wrinkles, lines, dullness, or uneven skin tone.
  • Chemical peels: Your dermatologist applies chemicals to the face to slightly damage the skin, which then repairs itself with fresh, younger-looking skin. There are several chemical peel strengths to consider, based upon how much damage there is to your skin.
  • Electro-mesotherapy: This procedure is like microdermabrasion in that it penetrates the skin without needles to help it absorb skin care products more efficiently. It also can be used to reduce cellulite and reduce lines and wrinkles.

Request A Vampire Facial Consultation

Thinking about a vampire facial in Chicago? Dr. Otto Placik is proud to serve Chicago area patients at his practice. He’ll discuss the vampire facial process and help you decide if you want to move ahead with this procedure.


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