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The appearance of oversized male breasts is due to either fatty tissue, glandular tissue, or a combination of the two. You may or may not need gynecomastia surgery, or male breast reduction surgery, depending on the predominant type of tissue.

When fatty tissue makes up the vast majority of the breast, exercise and diet alone can be enough to correct the issue. This is called pseudo-gynecomastia, or false gynecomastia. Glandular tissue, which indicates true gynecomastia, can require gynecomastia surgery for proper removal.

To determine the tissue composition of your breast area, it’s best to consult with a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Otto Placik. Dr. Placik is a well-respected medical practitioner with years of experience. Contact our office to set up an appointment and find out if gynecomastia surgery is right for you.


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