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  Liposuction is a great surgery to have by a Chicago plastic surgeon when you need to rid of unwanted, stubborn fat or loose skin. Usually the best candidates for liposuction include those who just lost a lot of weight, yet still have a little fat that they can’t seem to rid of or women who are done having children.

The procedure of liposuction by a Chicago plastic surgeon requires incisions to be made in the areas where you don’t want the fat to be. The surgeon will then take a hollow surgical tool to suction out the fat underneath the skin through the incisions made.

When the surgery is done, recovery time will be needed. You will need to refrain from arduous activities until further notice from your Chicago plastic surgeon. They will monitor your progress of recovery to ensure that you heal properly and get the results desired.

Liposuction is a preferred treatment by men and women when they want to look slim again. It is a great procedure to jumpstart your weight loss. If you would like to know more about liposuction and what it entails, set up your consultation with a Chicago plastic surgeon.


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