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Dorsal Hump

Do you have a nose with a prominent bump? Known as a dorsal hump, this awkward bump is a common complaint about prospective rhinoplasty patients. If you have this issue, it’s time to learn more about dorsal humps.

The upper part of the nose is made of soft tissue and bone, and the lower part is made of soft tissue and cartilage. Typically, the dorsal hump is found at the point of the nose where the bone and the cartilage connect with each other. Thus, the hump itself is usually composed of cartilage and bone.

In some cases, a dorsal hump can be entirely composed of bone or cartilage. The composition is what determines the plastic surgeon’s choice of corrective technique. To find out more about dorsal hump rhinoplasty, contact our office to set up an appointment. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik will discuss the procedure with you in greater detail.


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