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Do you want fuller lips or more enhanced cheeks? Do you have sunken areas on your face that you wish appeared fuller? If so, a plastic surgeon in Chicago may be able to help you.

A fat transfer is the act of taking fat from another area of your body and then injecting it into a part of the face or body where it could be more useful and appealing. This is an invasive procedure that typically takes fat from the abdominal area. Usually, the fat is injected into areas of the face, but fat transfers have been used to treat other areas as well.

There isn’t much downtime required for this procedure. You may notice some swelling, bruising, and even slight discoloration of the areas that were bothered during the procedure but other than that, transferring fat is much safer than some of the other procedures that can help add volume to the face.

You may need to undergo several fat transfers for optimal results, but your plastic surgeon in Chicago will explain this to you during your consultation.

If you would like to learn more about fat transfers, call and set up an appointment with your plastic surgeon in Chicago today.


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