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Scarring can be one of the most embarrassing flaws a person may suffer from. When a person has a deep scar in a visible place, they may feel like they are being scared at, even judged. No one wants to feel that way. That is why your Chicago plastic surgeon is skilled in performing scar revision techniques.

Although scar revision can be one of the most demanding of all procedures to perform, your Chicago plastic surgeon has done them many times before. There are various scar revision techniques and procedures that your surgeon may choose from. It will depend on the area and seriousness of your scar as to which procedure your surgeon will choose to employ.

Your plastic surgeon can choose from a surgical technique, several laser treatments, dermabrasion, or even injectable fillers. Your surgeon will explain all of these options to you during your consultation and then tell you which will work best for your situation, but it is best to remember that a scar will never completely disappear, but it can be significantly downsized.

Are you sick and tired of feeling self-conscious about your scar? Call a Chicago plastic surgeon for more information on the numerous procedures they can choose to use to minimize you scar.


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