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There aren’t many celebrities who don’t want to look and feel their best – did we mention look their best? – on the Red Carpet, and what better time to do so than one of the most acclaimed and televised nights for Hollywood – the Grammys.


Several celebrities debuted new looks on Sunday’s 55th Annual Grammy Awards, especially the talented musicians who were honored during the accolades. While some chose to dazzle with fashion, others chose a more bold approach, captivating the audience and fans with their toned physiques, flawless skin and…plastic surgery?

Being a top celebrity, no one knows more about looking good under the public eye than Beyoncé Knowles Carter. The former Destiny’s Child singer has wowed us with her vocal talents and charm over the years, but it is her stunning good looks that set her apart and have led her to be dubbed one of America’s Most Beautiful Women.

However, for years, many have rumored that Beyoncé might have gotten a little help in the beauty department with plastic surgery – Rhinoplasty to be precise. Even as she performed during the Super Bowl, the 31-year-old singer and new mom looked fantastic, but it was her nose that has been making quite a splash.

“We’ve all pretty much been under the impression that the singer most certainly had a nose job at some point, and while that’s never been confirmed, pictures don’t lie,” argues CelebrityPop, a Hollywood news site.  “However, Beyoncé’s Super Bowl nose does not appear to be the same nose she had just a few short months ago, when her new fabulous bangs hairstyle was making waves courtside during a Net’s basketball game in November. In fact, her nose already appeared to be different when she performed at the Presidential Inauguration.”

When looking at pictures of the starlet, it appears as though she had her nose narrowed as well as defined at the tip. Pictures from earlier in her career show Beyoncé’s nose as more wide, with a significantly more rounded tip.

Even just a few weeks ago, when she sang the National anthem at the President Inauguration ceremony, her nose looked entirely different. And because recovery time for Rhinoplasty can be as short as one week, it is perfectly reasonable to assume that Beyoncé did in fact have a nose job – or two.

Although Beyoncé has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed across the United States, especially in Chicago.

Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Otto Placik can certainly attest to the fact that Rhinoplasty is a very sought-after procedure. The surgery lasts only between 1 to 3 hours and can correct minor cosmetic imperfections or major medical issues, such as a deviated septum.

The nose is the central feature on the face, and when an individual has a crooked or asymmetric nose, their self-esteem can be significantly affected. However, Dr. Placik can create an entirely new nose or change certain aspects to help patients look stunning.

Whether you are looking to change the shape of your nose, the size of the tip, or correct a medical issue, Dr. Placik offers both surgical and non-surgical Rhinoplasty procedures that will create balance and harmony for the patient’s face.

If you have considered Chicago Rhinoplasty Surgery, contact Dr. Otto Placik today to schedule a consultation and discuss your ideal options.


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