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Nowadays, having a round and rather large butt is a feature that many women and even some men want to have. If you feel that your buttocks could be plumped up a bit more, you may want to consider a butt augmentation, also referred to as a Brazilian butt lift. This procedure is performed by a Chicago plastic surgeon.

The Brazilian butt lift can enhance your figure by placing implants in the buttocks area or a fat transfer can be done too. It will depend on your Chicago plastic surgeon’s preference and what they feel is best for you as well. Once decided and the surgery begins, you will be placed under a general anesthetic. Then incisions will be made and the procedure will begin. When the surgeon is finished, they will close the incisions made and you will need to refrain from sitting on your butt for at least 3 weeks.

A butt lift has become increasing popular in the past few years, especially among women. There are many reasons why a woman may decide to have the procedure performed, but many do it to achieve a more hourglass shaped figure. Regardless of the reason, call a Chicago plastic surgeon to set up your consultation.


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