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 Some people have ears that may appear to be too large or too small, which might make them feel self-conscious about their appearance. They may even have ears that seem to stick out too far from the side of their head or a torn earlobe. Otoplasty surgery by a Chicago plastic surgeon may be the solution to their problem.

otoplasty - Dr Placik

Ear Dr Placik

Otoplasty is an ear surgery that is designed to reshape and form the ear to make it look more structured and in tune with the rest of your facial structure. Your surgeon will perform otoplasty using various techniques that will greatly depend on the circumstances of your problem. They will typically begin by making small incisions in which they will use to work with the ear’s cartilage and remove extra skin.

Otoplasty can be performed on a person as young as four or five years old. Your surgeon will have performed this surgery on many people of all ages with all different kinds of ear deformities.

Do you dislike your ears? Contact your skilled Chicago plastic surgeon for a consultation and they will perform an examination of your ears and give you more information about what an otoplasty entails.


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