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Chin surgery can be performed for many reasons. You may have a weak chin, a recessed chin, a prominent chin, or an asymmetrical chin. All of these can make your overall facial structure appear abnormal and may make you insecure about your appearance. By having a Chicago plastic surgeon perform your chin surgery, you can enjoy having your chin corrected and balanced in conjunction with the rest of your facial structure.

Chin surgery typically involves an incision made inside of the mouth. Sometimes the incision may be made under the chin too. It will depend on what your plastic surgeon is doing to correct your chin’s appearance. They will then work through the incisions to reshape the bone, add an implant, remove unwanted fat or skin, or to do whatever is necessary to correct the area.

If you feel that your chin is a bothersome feature and you would like it corrected, contact Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Otto J. Placik. They will perform an x-ray and an examination so that they can get a better idea of how to perform the surgery. They will then inform you of how they will go about the surgical process. The surgery will require some recovery time, so be sure to have the time available.


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