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Aging, weight gain, and weight loss can all make your neck become loose or fatter. When this happens, you may feel uncomfortable with your appearance. A Chicago plastic surgeon can help correct and enhance your neck through a neck lift. If you are considering a neck lift, below are 5 facts that you should know.

  1. A neck lift can be done through two methods, liposuction and surgical means.
  2. If the muscles in your neck are loose, then your surgeon will make an incision on the chin to work through. They will then tighten the muscles.
  3. A neck lift is often accompanied by a facelift and sometimes even a chin implant.
  4. Your surgeon will remove unwanted fat and skin from the neck area.
  5. A neck lift will help you to achieve a younger, tighter looking facial structure.

Would you still like to learn more about your Chicago plastic surgeon’s neck lift procedure? Contact them for a consultation. They will examine your neck and explain the procedure. They can even provide you with before and after pictures of past neck lift patients.


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