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  A Chicago plastic surgeon isn’t just known for their wonderful results from the plastic surgeries that they perform. They are also known for the nonsurgical procedures that they offer. There are many nonsurgical procedures that can enhance your look and make you appear years younger.

  • A Chicago plastic surgeon is very familiar with performing Botox. Botox are injections that reduce and rid of wrinkles and fine lines in the face. Many people will get this treatment done regularly.
  • Laser treatments are used for numerous reasons. They can rid of unwanted hair, tattoos, scars, acne, birthmarks, and other more major issues like unwanted fat.
  • Chemical Peels and Microdermabrasion are both different procedures, but both serve to revitalize and renew the skin. They can help get rid of old, dead skin cells to allow new skin growth.
  • Dermal fillers are injections that can enhance areas of the face such as the lips. It will make them fuller looking. They are also used to help fill in other areas that may seem sunken in or hollow.

There are many nonsurgical procedures that can benefit your appearance, as you can see by the list above. Just contact your Chicago plastic surgeon for an appointment to learn more.


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