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Both men and women can be born with nipples that are inverted or develop inverted nipples over time. In fact, up to as many at 10% of men and women experience some degree of inverted nipples. There are generally considered to be three degrees of inverted nipple severity. In the first level are nipples which are “shy” – meaning that they may be naturally in an inverted position but can easily be coaxed out with stimulation. In the second level are nipples in which it is more difficult to arouse the nipple out of inversion, but not impossible. The third level includes nipples that are permanently inverted. Those with inverted nipples can have just one or both nipples be afflicted.

While having inverted nipples does not necessarily pose any health risks, it can sometimes make breastfeeding more challenging or hinder hygiene care. In most cases, particularly women, who seek out reversal of inverted nipples, the desire comes from feeling self-conscious in intimate situations. The inverted nipple reversal procedure is fairly simple and does not generally damage the sensitivity of the nipple.

If you are interested in learning more about the procedure, contact our office to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Placik.


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