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Do your eyes make you look older and more tired that you really are? The common signs of aging often effect the eyelids causing excess skin fold, sagging skin, wrinkles and puffiness. These are caused by the lack of skin elasticity which occurs in age, the shifting and loss of fat and weakening of muscles. Through a Blepharoplasty, or Eyelid Lift surgery, the excess skin, fat or muscle is removed to create a more alert and youthful appearance.

Take a look at our Before and After Chicago Blepharoplasty Photo Gallery to get an idea of the kind of results possible. Blepharoplasty can make a huge difference in turning back the hands of time, but it does have it’s limitations. To compliment the Eyelid Lift, some people include a Brow Lift, Face Lift or Dermal Fillers in combination with the Blepharoplasty. To find out if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure, contact our office to set up a consultation.


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