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When you have overly chubby cheeks or even under developed cheeks, it can throw off the whole structure of your face. This may make you feel less than attractive. There are relatively easy ways of correcting and enhancing your cheeks. A Chicago plastic surgeon will be able to perform one of two surgeries to help you get the appearance you are trying to achieve.

If you feel that your cheeks could be a little more predominant, your plastic surgeon can help by inserting cheek implants. Cheek implant surgery typically involves small incisions made in the mouth or through the lower eyelid. This is where the implants will be inserted and then moved into place over the cheekbone. Sometimes, your surgeon may need to reshape the bone along with placing the implants.

When you have cheeks that may be too large or chubby for your facial structure, your surgeon may suggest Buccal fat removal. This is a procedure that helps to reduce the amount of fat in the cheeks. An incision will be made on the inside of the cheeks and your surgeon will remove the fat pad from the cheeks.

Would you still like to learn more about cheek surgery? Both of the above surgeries are designed to help you enhance your facial structure by either removing fat from the cheeks or making your cheeks appear larger. If you would like to learn more about either of these procedures, contact your Chicago plastic surgeon for a consultation.


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