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Beautiful brunetteBreast augmentation is typically associated with the use of implants to increase breast volume. However, implant augmentation is only one method of increasing breast size. Fat grafting breast augmentation is a method that is steadily rising in popularity as more women become aware of the option to use their own fat cells to augment the breasts. So which method achieves the best breast augmentation results?

The Fat Grafting Process

Fat grafting involves a two-step process. The first step is liposuction, which harvests fat cells from another part of the patient’s body, normally the hips, abdomen or thighs. The fat cells are then carefully injected into the breasts to create soft, natural breast contours comprised entirely of the patient’s own cells.

When to Consider Fat Grafting

While not all women are good candidates for fat grafting, in the right patients, this technique can produce beautiful results. The best candidates for fat grafting augmentation are women who would like to achieve only a mild boost in breast size and who have some amount of extra fat stored in another area of their body. Because fat grafting requires fat cells to be harvested from the patient’s body, very thin women may not be good candidates. Fat transfer offers the benefits of localized augmentation of a portion of the breast or chest wall and is an excellent option when a focal area needs targeted augmentation such as constricted breast or pectus excavatum.

The Advantage of Combining Techniques

For women who want the best of both worlds, combining fat grafting with implants can produce excellent breast augmentation results. Many women use fat grafting augmentation to enhance their results after breast implants and create even more natural looking contours. This technique can be especially helpful for women with little existing breast tissue to cover an implant, or who would like to decrease the distance between their breasts for better cleavage. In women with visible ripples or a “double bubble” appearance to the breast implant, fat transfer can be used to camouflage the visible irregularity.

When Fat Grafting May Be Used to Replace Existing Implants

On occasion, women with complications from breast implants or women who wish to remove their implants entirely, the volume may be restored via the use of fat transfer. This has come to be known as Simultaneous Implant and Exchange with Fat (SIEF). learn more about the various options we have for likely the best breast augmentation Chicago has to offer.

Author: Dr. Otto Placik

Dr. Otto Placik is a Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Chicago, a leader in the field of body sculpting, and is recognized for his artistry in a wide range of modern cosmetic enhancements.


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