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Young beautiful woman in cotton underwearA recent study indicates that correcting stress incontinence may be an additional benefit in women undergoing a tummy tuck after pregnancy. An improvement was seen in 60 percent of study participants, particularly among those women who hadn’t undergone C-sections.

Benefits of Tummy Tucks after Pregnancy

Alleviating stress incontinence means yet one more benefit of getting a tummy tuck after pregnancy. During surgery, the soft tissue can be pulled up enough to slightly suspend the urethra, which helps reduce incontinence. Additionally, a tummy tuck removes excess skin and tissue and separated abdominal muscles are repaired and tightened. All of these qualities work together to restore your figure after pregnancy and childbirth.

Beyond Body Contouring

In addition to body contouring, many women also include genital rejuvenation after pregnancy, often in a further effort to alleviate embarrassing problems like stress incontinence or a feeling of internal vaginal looseness. Changes in the vaginal and urogenital structure following labor and delivery are very common, and it’s not unusual that they may lead to secondary concerns like minor urinary incontinence. Procedures like vaginoplasty and perineoplasty can both help a woman feel more confident again after childbirth, along with correcting physical and cosmetic concerns.

No matter how rewarding the experience of becoming a mother can be, that doesn’t mean you have to love the changes that occur in your body as a result. If you feel frustrated by the way your body looks or responds after your pregnancy and delivery, check with a plastic surgeon to learn more about the types of options that may be able to help.


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