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A tummy tuck also known as abdominoplasty is an invasive surgical procedure that is meant for those who have excessive amounts of loose skin or are extremely overweight. A plastic surgeon in Chicago will have performed this surgery many times before and can explain to you how the procedure is performed.

A tummy tuck requires general anesthesia so you will need to be sure that you have someone picking you up after the surgery. The reason for the anesthesia is that your plastic surgeon in Chicago will need to make a large incision across the abdomen. They will then remove the unwanted fat and cut off the extra skin. The surgeon will then be pulled tight and stitched up.

After the surgery you will need to take it easy for several weeks. You won’t be able to do much that requires you to be active. You will also be required to wear a special band to support the abdomen while it heals. When the surgery is finally healed, you will notice just how extreme the results of your tummy tuck are.

If a tummy tuck is something that you feel you need or want, set up a consultation with a plastic surgeon in Chicago.



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