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What is the Ideal Implant?

Dr. Otto J Placik is pleased to be one of the first plastic surgery practices to offer the IDEAL IMPLANT® also known as the “Structured Breast Implant”.

In recent years, silicone implants have been favored over saline because they more closely mimic breast tissue when compared to the rippling and rigidity associated with saline implants. Despite the popularity of silicone implants for these reasons, women still have reservations about the difficulty in detecting implant leakage, due to the phenomenon of “silent rupture” as well as the FDA recommendations for MRI evaluations at 3 years after implantation and every 2 years thereafter. Questions about the body’s responses to silicone material are a lingering concern for many women.

This novel saline implant has the soft yet firm consistency of natural breast tissue usually attributed to traditional silicone implants without the silicone gel fill that has generated much controversy. Its unique design of internally stacked shells (see figure) provides support and containment of saline movement that simulates the “silicone experience.” Essentially it has the aesthetic advantages of silicone gel implants with the saline peace of mind.

In the event that rupture of the IDEAL IMPLANT occurs, the body will absorb the saline (obtained from traditional Intravenous IV solutions) in the same fashion that one absorbs the fluid from a standard hospital IV infusion. Furthermore, an individual can easily detect an implant rupture without the need for an emergent physician examination or Xray study. All one has to do is look in the mirror to confirm that your implants are intact. Tests or MRI’s are not required.

Women have sought an implant with the natural feel of silicone but the reassurance that saline provides. Thanks to years of scientific study, design and development, the IDEAL IMPLANT was approved by FDA and Health Canada, and is now distributed through a specialized group of highly trained plastic surgeons such as Dr.Otto J. Placik.

Although the IDEAL IMPLANT has only recently been made available, it has been studied for over 7 years with clinical trials commencing in February 2009. Within 1 year, 502 women obtained the IDEAL IMPLANT nationwide under a closely supervised protocol. At the 5 year mark, the patient and physician satisfaction with the results have been high and associated with low capsular contracture rates.

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Saline vs Silicone

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