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When it comes to permanent breast enlargement, women have two options: silicone or saline breast implants, or fat transfer breast augmentation. How can you decide which option is best for meeting your personal appearance goals?

Size Matters

While there’s no one answer that applies to every woman as far as the “perfect” breast size goes, having an idea of your personal ideal is important when deciding between implants or fat transfer augmentation. Fat transfer can improve the contours of your breast and add between one-half to a full cup size or more to your existing measurements. However, unlike, breast implants fat transfer is not as predictable and overcorrection must be accomplished in order to achieve a minimal breast volume due to some anticipated fat cell loss. For more dramatic and precise results, though, you’re better off going with implants instead. Implants may be associated with some immediate swelling but will maintain their volume over time.

Body Type Matters, Too

Because fat transfer requires the use of fat cells collected from the patient’s own body, the best candidates for the procedure have a little extra padding here or there. The most common donation spots include the hips (waistline), tummy and thighs, so very slender women without any “pinchable” places may need to go with breast implants.

Choose Your Surgeon Wisely

Finally, for women considering fat transfer breast augmentation, your choice of plastic surgeon is critical to ensuring the best outcome. Not every breast augmentation specialist is familiar with the process of fat transfer, and technical experience is a key factor in a successful fat grafting process.

Choosing a surgeon who knows exactly how to achieve beautiful breast augmentation results with fat transfer will ensure that you’re getting a straight answer about your candidacy for the procedure and that you’ll get the curvy new look you hope for. Dr. Placik delivers some of the best fat transfer breast augmentation Chicago has to offer.


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