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After a breast augmentation procedure, patients may notice aesthetic problems in the chest area. One such issue is implant migration, the unintended shifting of the breast implants that create the appearance of unusual chest proportions. If you’re experiencing implant migration or another issue, you may want to undergo breast augmentation revision.

Using breast augmentation revision, surgeons can correct appearance-related problems like breast asymmetry, size and shape issues, “double bubble” malformation, and traction ripples in the skin of the area. A variety of techniques are available for breast augmentation revision, and your surgeon will select the appropriate solutions for you.

During a consultation, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Otto Placik can evaluate your breasts for aesthetic and medical issues. Dr. Placik can then create a surgical plan to correct those issues. To discuss breast augmentation revision with Dr. Placik, create a consultation by contacting our office.


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